Golden Globes and Why it is Necessary to Wear Black Now

75th Golden Globe Award

Women in Black for the Time's Up initiative at the Golden Globes Viola Davis Gal
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The 75th Golden Globe’s was a complete blackout. Usually the red carpet is full of vibrant colorful dress, suits and accessories. This year MOST celebrities showed up wearing all black. I have never been so proud to see this industry unite with Time Magazine for the Times Up initiative. A few celebrities opted to bring sexual assault activist as their dates. Why now, you might ask? Why now are all these people coming forward about sexual assault after being silent for so long? Why is Hollywood speaking up now and listening to activist? The climate we are living now. I’ve had this debate with a family friends dads who know I am actively working to be apart of the film and television industry. I pointed out to them that women have been harassed forever, but we often do not come forward because we are belittled and slut-shamed. What were you wearing? Are you sure you didn’t want the attention? Did you drink? How much were drinking? Why were you alone? Well did you lead him on? Are you sure you didn’t want it? Well were you a virgin? How many partners have you had? Well what did you think was going to happen?

None of these questions justify the perpetrator’s behavior. No one has the right to touch you or make a sexual advance to you without your permission. I believe the reason why Times Up has become a huge movement in Hollywood now, is because of our current president. To have a political election where one candidate is over-qualified for the position has decades of experience as a politician and public servant consistently answers all question about what they would do if elected. The other candidate belittles reporters with disabilities, ignores questions, does not submit their taxes, does not resign from their companies, has been accused of sexual assault, is currently being sued for sexual assault and harassment by multiple women. Then, is quoted saying, “grab ‘em by the pussy” wins over the over-qualified female candidate. This tells women they are not equal, they are not important and they do not have control over their own bodies. Add the lack of equal pay and well you’ve completely handicapped an entire sex.

The 75th Golden Globes has been the most powerful because they did not try to sweep the uncomfortable elephants in the room under the rug. Jokes were made using Harry Weinstein and Kevin Spacey names, calling them out for their crimes. Natalie Portman also pointed out that in the director category only men were nominated (even though there have been many great female-directed films and tv shows this year). Debra Messing called out E! for lack of equality – in reference to paying Jason significantly more than Catt Sadler. Oprah accepted the Cecil B DeMille Award and gave the most eloquent speech since Obama was in office. My hope is that this momentum will continue and all workplaces will promote a safe, respectful, equal pay environment we all are owed. I can not wait for the day women and men do not have to say #metoo Did you watch the Golden Globes? If so do you think the blackout showed unity or just a fashion statement?

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  1. YES YES YES! I loved this movement. I’m not going to lie, I see both sides of the coin: I understand why people are like “oh why are they only coming forwards now?” but as a woman and as someone who has dealt with that kind of almost minor, everyday sexual harassment (even at work) I get how it can feel like “no this is just kind of normal, nobody would listen and if they did they would be like ‘you’re making a big deal out of nothing, get over it, it’s not that bad” and I can wholeheartedly imagine that as actresses in that industry even the massive assaults could feel like “well…..would anyone believe I didn’t want it? That I wasn’t trying to win over a part?”. Especially as a large part of their jobs is charming people into hiring them. ESPECIALLY as people’s careers had been ended/blacklisted over stirring the pot before. I’m glad they feel respected enough to come forwards now and take a stand xx

    1. I completely agree with everything you have said. The common thing I’ve heard from some people is, well what do you expect was going to happen when you go back to someone’s hotel room? Well considering tons of hotel rooms are suites I wouldn’t expect that it equals anything sexual! I would think of we are reviewing a script there would be other people in the room and it would be a cold read. I’m so proud of them for making waves and progress. Onward and upward! 🙂

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