Were the Killers Wonderful, Wonderful?

The Killers red background

The Killers red background

The Killers came to Atlanta last Sunday (as you may have been able to see on my Instagram last week) and I was so happy to finally attend their concert. I have loved Brandon Flowers and The Killers since middle school with Mr. Brightside, All These Things That I’ve Done and the entire Hot Fuss album blasting through my headphones! So to say my review of their concert may have a little bit of a bias to it would be an understatement. However, we all have loved a specific artist only to hear a live recording of them and realize they do not match how they sound in person. Or that they have no stage pr or X-factor. Well, I am ecstatic to report The Killers exceeded my expectation and were even better than I imagined.

Alex Cameron opened for them and even commented that Brandon Flowers personally contacted them to go on tour with them. They reminded me of Walk the Moon and The Killers combined with a little more electronica.

When The Killers came out, Brandon Flowers immediately thanked everyone for coming and said, “I know you spent your hard earned money on tickets to this show and I am going to do my best to make sure we reach your expectations”. How humble in a world huge egos and celebs who show up late to their own concerts. This was incredibly refreshing to hear. The Killer write based on their lives and are incredibly sarcastic. For example Andy You’re a Star and The Man. Andy You’re a Star was about a high school football player who bullied Brandon relentlessly and if you listen to the lyrics you can tell this is Brandon’s revenge song. He states, Andy you’re a star in nobody’s eyes, but mine.” The Man was based on the negative public persona he had when he first came out. He explained that after having kids he realized there was nothing wrong with being compassionate. He never felt he fit the bad boy image the label/industry tried to give him. Which would explain the pink confetti that launched from the cannon at the beginning of the concert. Since pink is often seen as “feminine” even though I know a ton of dudes who look better in pink than me. Brandon rocked a Robin egg blue blazer the first half of the concert. Then, red, white and blue confetti fell from the sky. One touch that was pretty cool and personal is the water tower on stage had Atlanta on it. I think it’s cool that they thought to personalize the experience. Before the song, Human Brandon pulled a fan named AJ out of the crowd who was wearing a jacket like Brandon in the Human music video. They let AJ play the bass for the song onstage and grab a selfie before returning to the crowd.

The Killers did a great job of blending songs from their older albums and their newest one. I thought it would be great if Brandon changed into some kind of sparkly sequined outfit. Then, he came out in a shiny, crystal-covered silver and gold colored outfit with matching shoes! The light made the look appear to be more gold.


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Then, he did an Elvis impression that had the crowd go wild! The Killers closed out with Mr. Brightside and I must admit the 13-year old girl in me screamed her lungs out shouting out the lyrics. Mr. Flowers ended the night with the quote, “there is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility is being better than your former self.” Overall The Killers put on a concert that was so much more than Wonderful, Wonderful.

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  1. How fun! I love the Killers but haven’t actually heard their new songs yet. Such a great throwback though. Glad to hear you enjoyed the show!

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