9 Tips for Visiting Wynwood Art District in Miami

Graffiti art heart shaped Wild Fox sunglasses and 9 Tips for Visiting Wynwood Art District in Miami. Fun things to do in Miami instead of South Beach

Graffiti art heart shaped Wild Fox sunglasses and 9 Tips for Visiting Wynwood Art District in Miami. Fun things to do in Miami instead of South BeachBlack and White walls of Wynwood and a beautiful black blogger with Wildfox heart shaped sunglasses with Nikes onBeautiful girl in Abercrombie and Fitch against Wynwood walls street art wearing Wildfox heart sunglasses festival styleIMG-20170514-WA0017Nike Street Style on Keri Elaine, donut and colorful female graffitiStreet style Wynwood Walls on Keri Elaine with a donutGraffiti in Wynwood Nike Street Style on Keri Elaine

Wynwood walls black girl street style summertime

When it comes to Miami most people only think about South Beach. Collins Ave is a beautiful art deco dream, full of beach views and a lavish nightlife. Wynwood is her cool eclectic urban little sister. What began as a desolate warehouse district riddled with crime became:


  1. First Fridays! The first Friday night of every month the art galleries are open (for free to the public) to come explore the different exhibitions. Many of the galleries also hand out free champagne! There are food trucks Ms. Cheezious, Monster Burgers just to name a few. People of all ages come out to look at the different wall murals, eat, buy artisan candles, clothing and listen to the live DJs.
  2. Second Saturdays are the same as First Fridays! Usually starts at 6:00pm and starts to end around 10:00pm. If you want to stay and check out the local bars and restaurants you can! I recommend going on First Fridays and Second Saturdays first since there are a ton of people, culture, and art to see. Then the next time you go you will be more familiar with the area.
  3. Keep your eyes open for all the fun colorful wall murals. Every corner you turn has a different mural. Some are colorful graffiti, some have modern lines, some are psychedelic, others anime, and pop art. There is something for everyone. You can spend hours just talking about the different murals you like.
  4. Go during the day if you can so you can see the different murals and even grab brunch at a coffee shop. (Love Miam Cafe! They have a great tuna salad sandwiched and iced Matcha Latte. It is in the black and white striped building).
  5. Bars. There are many urban bars in Wynwood. Wood Tavern is one bar that always has a line unless you come early. They play a good mixture of hip-hop, 80’s and reggaeton music. Unlike South beach where you have to pay to sit down, this bar has high-rise style benched seating as well as a few separate sections of benches. The flooring is made of wood so I would not suggest heels. Sneakers, sandals or wedges are your best bet.  There are tons of bumper stickers covering multiple walls and the drinks are pretty cheap.
  6. Food. Wynwood Diner isn’t your typical dinner. When you step inside it has a cozy industrial bohemian vibe. There is a long farmhouse style table that multiple groups of two or more sit at (or you can wait for your own table). I like the farmhouse style option because it forces strangers to talk to one another. You never know they could recommend you a great restaurant or entree. The outdoor area feels like your inside a courtyard garden. Make sure to look up at the ceiling inside since there is tons of lush plant life! The Chicken & Waffles is delicious as was the avocado salad with a side of brussel sprouts. Coyo Tacos has a variety of tacos including vegetarian and vegan options! Their side of guac is pretty big so I would recommend sharing it. They also have their own margarita and it is delicious!
  7. Try to carpool. The parking for Wynwood is usually on side streets or in a lot with prices ranging from ten to twenty bucks. My friends and I would each just bring five bucks and make sure there were at least three of us in a car.
  8. Do be aware of your surroundings. Just like any city, there are good and bad people. Wynwood is a lot of fun and there is usually a good amount of police presence, however, there are sometimes some people who do not seem completely there mentally. While I have never had an incident we have all seen a beggar by the highway speaking to the air.
  9. Have fun! Miami is a melting pot and Wynwood is the perfect representation of that. The wealthy, middle class, young, old, young professional, and college kids all laughing and exploring this area.

All Photo Credits to my beautiful and talented friend Leticia Ras-Anderica!

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  1. Love your photos! That donut pillow is perfect for the occasion! I have been to Miami, South Beach but I kick myself over and over for not visiting the Wynwood Art District! Maybe next time?!

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