Charmed – A Fun Way to Date and Solicit Your Friends Advice

Hello beautiful people! If you saw the video I posted here, about being single during the quarantine then you know I’m back on the dating apps. Now we all know there reaches a point where you begin to feel dating app fatigue. What is that? Well, you are tired of having the same intro conversations of what do you do? What are you into? What do you do for fun? Honestly, at that point everyone kind of starts to look the same. WELL, now there is an amazing app called Charmed.

FriendUI_1200x1200Charmed makes dating apps fun again. Instead of having to screenshot and send the pic (or several) to your friends you can literally create a group chat and share different guys profiles. That way they can help you decide if this person is someone, they think would be good for you. Charmed is currently intergraded with Tinder.

It can also be helpful in having your friends help you be more accountable. Say you are trying to go out drinking less because you are living a healthier lifestyle now if you see a cute guy you would usually go for holding drinks in every picture your friends can remind you of your goals.

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This also could be helpful in those awkward times you see your friend’s boyfriend on Tinder. (It’s happened it was awkward) and you can literally send her his profile and let her decide what she wants to do about it.

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Charmed was designed and co-founded by three guys from the University of California, Berkley. Taylor Margot is the CEO and co-founder of Charmed. He is also a lawyer and he learned a lot about startups during his time as a lawyer and moved on to entrepreneurial ventures. Jack Peterson is the CXO and co-founder he was a teaching assistant and front-end engineer. David Blanchard is the other co-founder and CTO he has over five years of software engineering experience.

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They are working professionals like the rest of us and know how hard it can be to find the time to date in our modern world. Charmed was created to bridge the gap in discussing a dating profile in a group chat with your friends before you make the final decision on your own. You can share the chats with your friend group on what to say to a potential match, which is helpful when you don’t know what to say to break the ice or keep the conversation going. This helps you to make better choices when it comes to finding a potential match.

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Which dating apps are you on?


15 Movies You Should Watch on Netflix


Happy Friday ya’ll! I hope you all are well, here are some movies to check out on Netflix this weekend. I’ve thrown in some 80s and 90s films along with new ones.


18 Presents– It’s in Italian, but hear me out. A woman with cancer leaves behind 18 presents for her unborn daughter. All I can say is grab your tissues.


Ace Ventura: Pet Detective – a 90s classic, Jim Carey plays a pet detective out to figure out who kidnapped the Miami Dolphin’s mascot.


Back to the Future – An 80’s classic that has flying cars (even though we still don’t), sci-fi, time travel, and the fun premise of getting to go to high school with your parents and seeing what they were really like as teens.


Back to the Future II– Talks about free will vs. determinism which is great for all my philosophy lovers out there!


The Social Network– a dramatic twist on the creation of one of the largest social networks of all time.


Becoming – Michelle Obama’s documentary that reminds you to own the woman you are becoming. She reminds us that even in hard times there are kind people in the world and to always hold onto out hope.


Brain on Fire – Is based on a true story of Susanna Cahalan a New York Post journalist with a rare auto-immune disease called anti-NMDA.


Despicable Me – Steve Carell voices a supervillain hell-bent on destroying the world with hundreds of minions to “help” do his bidding. If you need a laugh this is the film for you.


Fire in the Blood– Documentary on the African AIDS crisis and the fight to make the lifesaving drugs more affordable.


Girl– A 15-year-old ballerina prepares for her gender confirmation surgery. This film was at Cannes film festival in 2018.


Lady Driver – A great coming of age film. A teen girl with a passion for cars begins racing and discovers racing was always a part of her destiny.


To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before – This film is the perfect coming of age romantic comedy. It will remind you of a simpler time, where your biggest problem was how to tell your crush you like them.


P.S. I Still Love you – is the sequel to To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Lara Jean continues to talk to one of her old crushes from her love letters.


Perks of Being a Wallflower– Based on the 2012 novel. A teen who struggles with depression after losing a friend to suicide rediscovers the joy in life through music friendship and his crush.


The Laundromat– Based on the Panama Papers, a woman investigates a fake insurance scam. That woman is Meryl Streep.

Do you have any films you recommend for my next list?

Sleight and Downward Dog

This past weekend I saw the movie Sleight.

Sleight Seychelle Gabriel and Dule Hill
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The genre is a combination of drama, mystery, fantasy, and sci-fi. The film stars Jacob Latimore (from Maze Runner) and Dulé Hill (from tv show Psyche). Jacob Latimore is absolutely magnetic. I do not know if it is Latimore’s magic tricks or charisma, but you can’t help but be pulled into the film. The title of the film refers to the sleight of hand magicians use when they perform a card trick. The lead character is a magician who lost his mother at a young age and began selling drugs to take care of his little sister. When really his passion is for being a master illusionist like Houdini. While performing a trick to earn money on the streets of L.A. he meets a beautiful waitress (Seychelle Gabriel from Revenge) with her own secrets. Dulé Hill does a fantastic job of preforming the role of a brutal drug dealer instead of his usual lovable sidekick role on Psyche. This film pulls you in and makes you root for Bo who is trying to get back control of his life while protecting his sister. It makes you realize that sometimes brilliant people do bad things because they don’t see another option for success. I highly recommend it!Downward Dog on ABCDownward Dog. Did you think of the yoga pose? That’s the first thing my mind went to. However, Downward Dog is an incredibly funny well written T.V. show on ABC. It’s written from the point of view of a dog named Martin and his life with his owner Nan a single woman working in marketing. Martin deals with separation anxiety from Nan leaving for working and spending time with her friend with benefits. Unlike other shows that have had talking pets (like the show Wilfred which I found so creepy) Martin has the saddest puppy eyes I have ever seen and is incredibly endearing. That combined with his soothing and slightly valley girl twang cracks me up. One of the lines from the show that had tears rolling down my face is when Nan ignored Martin and he says to the camera, “You think a shoe is bad? I will destroy everything you love. Like I will tear your world to pieces”. Any pet owner can relate to leaving your pet alone and coming home to find your favorite shoes, chair or rug destroyed from your beloved pet. I swear I could see my cat saying that after I left him for my four day trip to Miami. It never matters how great your pet sitter is or how much they try to love on your animal, they want their pet mom. Are there any shows or movies you recently saw that you recommend?