Honest Beauty Review

Hello beautiful people!

Honest Beauty Magic Gel-to-Milk cleanser skin care mirror kerielaine

spa day at home in navy and white trimmed top Keri Elaine
Rubbing the product onto dry skin to cleanse any dirt from the day, before adding water.

Happy Friday to you all. I don’t know about you all, but I have been breaking out like crazy. At first I thought it must be what I have been eating, then I realized the only difference in my diet now vs pre-quarantine is I don’t eat out half as much and I haven’t been to Starbucks in 10 weeks. Before I would enjoy meals out all weekend, starting with dinner and happy hour drinks with the girls on Friday to catch up on life. Then I would go explore various parts of Atlanta or the latest exhibition at the High and grab a Schlotskys sandwich. Now I’ve been cooking breakfast lunch and dinner like everyone else. A mixture of hard-boiled egg whites, vegan protein powered in my spinach smoothie. Then a vegan patty from Trader Joe’s or mushroom ravioli.  My snacks have been tomatoes and avocado so my skin should be glowing from the inside out. That’s when I realized my forehead is the only area I’m breaking out in and that (according to Chinese face mapping) is stress. As much as I have been trying to be zen, I find I have a delayed reaction to stress. While all of my friends and family have panicked from the beginning I have been calm. Keeping my scheduling busy with various activities like Zoom workouts with friends, open casting self-tapes, updating my acting sites, making Youtube videos, reading all the articles I have saved but never had time to thumb through.

honest beauty magic gel to milk review
The Honest Beauty Magic Gel-to Milk when you add water.

Instead of ordering my usual cleanser from Sephora I looked through Target’s beauty section. I debated between Honest Beauty and Aveeno. Ultimately I am a sucker for anything rose and liked that this had pink clay Kaolin in it, which is safe for sensitive skin. You can purchase Honest Beauty Magic Gel-to-Milk Cleanser with Pink Kaolin Clay & Rose water here* or at Target. This product is amazing! It has a mild fresh scent, goes on smooth like micellar water/ rose oil. Then when you add water it transforms into a milky consistency. After your skin feels hydrated and cashmere soft. The bumps I had on my forehead were reduced to pretty much nothing after the first use. I was able to literally wipe away my dead skin and break outs with my konjac sponge.


Are there any skincare products you’ve fallen in love with?


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7 Reasons You Need to See Cirque Du Soleil

Luzia Cirque Du Soleil

I’ve wanted to see Cirque Du Soleil for years, but never had the opportunity to go. My mom gifted me with tickets this year for my birthday and I must say I will make it a priority to go from now on! Cirque Du Soleil was founded in 1984 in Canada. The entire concept was to think of how a modern circus would be, they used juggling and fire breathing to create a spectacle.

Butterfly wings and a horse at the Cirque Du Soleil Mexico

  1. The colorful detailed costumes. At the beginning of the show, these two beautiful birds came out with long wings that they fluttered. The bright emerald green, cobalt, and violet. There was a butterfly whose giant wings spread across and fluttered in the wind. Ever costume moved with the performer seamlessly.
  2. The breath-taking stunts. The sheer athletic ability of these performers is worth going! I know you’re thinking it’s so expensive, but when you see how many performers are swinging from the ceiling, flipping off their friends’ backs and shimmying up poles you’ll honestly think they deserved more $$$.
  3. Every Cirque has a different storyline they have done shows based on Avatar, the Beatles, Crystal and the Luzia one I saw.
  4. Cirque brings back the childhood feeling of wonder. How do they come up with these ideas, colors, storylines, and script?
  5. They use the five of the elements of drama: plot, theme, characters, music, spectacle. There is also a mystical use of water and wind.
  6. You will come out inspired and energized to do new things. Whether that’s writing, working out, acting or singing.
  7. Unlike other circuses, you don’t need to worry about animal abuse. There are no animals in the show!



Flip Burger

Sometimes you just want a burger. Not the delicious healthy spinach, sundried tomato, anchovies, lemon and hard-boiled-egg salad you had for lunch. I’m not talking about a fast food burger like Wendy’s (which in my opinion is the best of fast food burgers and fries haha). You want a cozy place you can sit down that does not feel like it’s covered in a layer of grease. Flip Burger Boutique in Buckhead is that place. Owned by Chef Richard Blais the Top Chef winner. The burger I ordered was called an Oaxaca was juicy, had a little bit of seasoning, but did not drip all over the place. I have had guacamole on a burger, but I have never had salsa, avocado, and mushroom. I am pretty biased since I love salsa and guacamole. The combination of diced red onion, chopped tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms and black Angus beef was pretty heavenly. I ordered a side of their house chips. Which I ate before I took a photo, which I know makes me a bad blogger apologies. They were good, but a little overcooked in my opinion.

Flip burger Angus beef guacamole with diced tomatoes, cilantro and cheese

The cool thing about Flip Burger Boutique, is they have their own nitrogen tank. They use it to make creamy milkshakes. While milkshakes do not usually agree with me, I could not resist trying the Nutella and Burnt Marshmallow. The marshmallows are slightly burnt with the torch. Which made me think about making smores every summer with my friend Stephanie for her campout birthday. I loved the gooey, slightly burnt contrast to the chocolately sweet creamy shake. The shake was small enough for one person to enjoy without feeling overly full. They also have a strawberry shortcake flavor which sounds divine!

Flame shared marshmallows and chocolate milkshake

Chocolate smores milkshake with a flame charred marshmallow

The decor is modern with the most comfortable booths I have ever sat in. It felt like I was leaning and sitting on a marshmallow cloud. When you look up, you will notice the ceiling looks the same as the table and booth on the floor. Part of the Flipped charm! I love the pop art touch on the ceiling and how elegant this restaurant feels. The TV’s are framed with painted Victorian style frames.

White and red modern restaurant decor of Flip Burger

What food have you had a craving for?

Shoes: Pleasure and Pain

SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) is one of my favorite places in Atlanta to visit. The view of the Atlanta skyline from SCAD is breathtaking. Since it is an arts college they always have interesting exhibits coming through every three months. There are also interesting creative spaces to look at or play on. When I saw they had a shoe exhibit I knew I must go! As a self-proclaimed shoe lover, this is a dream come true! The exhibition is called Shoes: Pleasure and Pain.SCAD hangout spots I love you more than tomorrowEye mural in the bathroom of Savannah College of Art and Design.Shoes Pleasure & Pain at SCAD FASH express dress and Jack Rodgers wedgesSadly you were only allowed to take pictures of this awesome neon sign. However, I can say the exhibit is broken up into five sections. The first one called Transformation. It refers to various stories about footwear. The next is called Status. This one literally has you peeking in on over 100 pairs of shoes from different time periods and countries. The exhibit has many whimsical touches, but I won’t spoil the surprise for you! It was fun to pick out your favorites or try to guess which designer made them. Then there was the Seduction section. Followed by Obsession, which had the word obsession scattered all over like graffiti. The last category was Creation. I enjoyed seeing the steps it takes to make a simple pair of shoes. My favorite part was learning how shoes have been used not just for function, but for status. It’s always interesting to learn what is considered beautiful to each culture.