Honest Beauty Review

Hello beautiful people!

Honest Beauty Magic Gel-to-Milk cleanser skin care mirror kerielaine

spa day at home in navy and white trimmed top Keri Elaine
Rubbing the product onto dry skin to cleanse any dirt from the day, before adding water.

Happy Friday to you all. I don’t know about you all, but I have been breaking out like crazy. At first I thought it must be what I have been eating, then I realized the only difference in my diet now vs pre-quarantine is I don’t eat out half as much and I haven’t been to Starbucks in 10 weeks. Before I would enjoy meals out all weekend, starting with dinner and happy hour drinks with the girls on Friday to catch up on life. Then I would go explore various parts of Atlanta or the latest exhibition at the High and grab a Schlotskys sandwich. Now I’ve been cooking breakfast lunch and dinner like everyone else. A mixture of hard-boiled egg whites, vegan protein powered in my spinach smoothie. Then a vegan patty from Trader Joe’s or mushroom ravioli.  My snacks have been tomatoes and avocado so my skin should be glowing from the inside out. That’s when I realized my forehead is the only area I’m breaking out in and that (according to Chinese face mapping) is stress. As much as I have been trying to be zen, I find I have a delayed reaction to stress. While all of my friends and family have panicked from the beginning I have been calm. Keeping my scheduling busy with various activities like Zoom workouts with friends, open casting self-tapes, updating my acting sites, making Youtube videos, reading all the articles I have saved but never had time to thumb through.

honest beauty magic gel to milk review
The Honest Beauty Magic Gel-to Milk when you add water.

Instead of ordering my usual cleanser from Sephora I looked through Target’s beauty section. I debated between Honest Beauty and Aveeno. Ultimately I am a sucker for anything rose and liked that this had pink clay Kaolin in it, which is safe for sensitive skin. You can purchase Honest Beauty Magic Gel-to-Milk Cleanser with Pink Kaolin Clay & Rose water here* or at Target. This product is amazing! It has a mild fresh scent, goes on smooth like micellar water/ rose oil. Then when you add water it transforms into a milky consistency. After your skin feels hydrated and cashmere soft. The bumps I had on my forehead were reduced to pretty much nothing after the first use. I was able to literally wipe away my dead skin and break outs with my konjac sponge.


Are there any skincare products you’ve fallen in love with?


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Makeup Tips for Zoom Calls and Self-Tapes

Hello beautiful people!Keri Elaine Makeup Tips for Zoom Calls, Nars, HourglassCaptain’s log day 397 in quarantine. Just kidding. I thought I’d share some makeup tips with you all I know a lot of us have zoom calls now. Personally, I have used Zoom more in the last month than I have in the last 6 months and I thought it would be helpful to share some makeup tips for a look that’s natural yet polished.

Dim lighting
beautiful black woman actor Keri Bruner
Box lighting

In the age of the Internet, we often want to look decent around our coworkers even though we’re bound to look better on our Zoom screens than we are under the fluorescent lighting of our usual office setting. As an actor, I have been taking advantage of all the monologue and scene self-tape submissions casting agents have been posting on Actors Access. If you want more information about Actor’s Access you can check on that here. I’ve definitely been enjoying the makeup-free day’s, but the few I need to look more awake I do the following:

Here are some of the products I used when getting ready for my no-makeup makeup look for my self-tape submissions.

Nyx, Estee Lauder and Fenty Beauty

To all my fellow actors out there you know how it is making sure your lighting is good and ready for all of our home self-tape setups. The makeup I used for this is very similar to the makeup I use for my zoom meetings for work as well. Which is usually a great foundation base, a peachy blush, a dark brown pencil to fill in my eyebrows, and brush them out because mine are very thin. Blessed are those who have thick eyebrows! Thank your lucky stars you don’t have to draw yours on :). Then I usually finish the look with a little black liner to define my eyes on the top and mascara on my top and bottom lashes to make my eyes look wide awake and pop. The final touch is a warm pinky nude color lipstick that goes with your own skin tone. This one has a warm undertone like my skin tone if you’re a cool tone I would suggest trying to find a pink with a blue undertone. You can find out if you are warm or cool-toned based on the color of your veins on your wrist. If they are green you are warm toned if they are blue you are cool-toned. Have you had an increase in virtual meetings?

Two Great Vegan Mascaras

Hello Beautiful people,

Mascara is by far the one makeup product I always use aside from my eyebrow pencil (necessities am I right?). For years I’ve used Dior Show mascara and loved it, but I decided to try Hourglass recently when one of the girls at Sephora recommended it. What I love about Hourglass is they are a luxury brand that do not test on animals and 1 percent of all profits goes to protecting animal rights. While I am not vegan, tons of my friends are. It has made me way more aware of what I am putting into my body, on my skin and consuming clothing/shoe wise. I have been trying to do my part by eating mainly fruit, vegetables and getting a lot of my protein from vegan protein powder. I still love a leather good I cannot lie, but do not shop half as often as I did 4 years ago. I like to think that every little bit helps, like using a recyclable water bottle at work everyday instead of a plastic cup.

Before we get into the side by side comparisons I figure I would give you all a side by side of my eyelashes before mascara is applied.

Hourglass Caution Extreme Lash Mascara

The Hourglass Caution Extreme mascara comes in a beautiful gold metal tube that has a nice weight to it. It adds, length, volume and does not flake off on your cheeks during the day like some mascaras do. The shape of the wand creates a great lift for your lashes and coats each one in its ink black formula. It is 29.00 and I used this one for about 6 months and absolutely love it! 

Thrive Cosmetic Liquid Lash Extentions

My mom mentioned seeing an advertisement for Thrive Cosmetics which is a Vegan cruelty-free brand. The tubing has a nice weight to it and is a gorgeous teal green color. Their mascara not only gives your lashes fiber extensions, it also stimulates lash growth. The fibers in their formula have a rubbery feel when you wash the mascara off at night. I must admit I noticed my lashes seem softer and a little bit longer than they were a month ago. You can read the reviews for this product here and it retails for 24.00.  

Overall, I will continue to use and repurchase both because they each give a great result and are vegan cruelty-free. Do you have any cruelty-free brands you would recommend? 

Dior Glow Lipstick

I’ve been using Dior’s mascara for years now and occasionally their lipstick that goes on as a clear light pink and adjusts to your own personal pink based on your skin tone and PH.Dior Lip Glowrsz_imag0648rsz_imag0646

When Dior came out with over six new colors I ran to Sephora to try them out. Since I already have a good amount of Red, Burgundy, and Berry colored lipsticks, I tried out the lilac tinted one named 009 Holographic Purple.

Before without any lipgloss

Full Lips with Dior Glow Lipgloss

Full Lips Dior lip gloss

I must say I have been in love with the lip color ever since! The best part is this lip gloss is not sticky so you don’t have to worry about your hair getting stuck in your lip gloss in the wind. The best thing is you can use this over or under your favorite lipsticks to enhance the color! Have you ever used a Dior product?