Valentine’s Day

First and foremost Happy Valentine’s Day darlings! I think Valentine’s Day is a beautiful reminder to appreciate the ones you love. Even if that means just calling them to say two things you love about them.


I picked up this fabulous off the shoulder side tie red dress from Abercrombie and Fitch.  Which is on sale btw! This looks completely different than the Abercrombie and Fitch I worked at eight years ago, so shout out to their new buyer this linen dress is so beautiful!


I recently finished reading a book called The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo and it made me rethink my perspective on love. At one point in life I thought love was very black and white. Now I know there are tons of gray areas with love. Times where you are so drawn to someone that it is entirely magnetic and other times when you just get butterflies. Then just complete admiration for another person. You can read some of the reviews here to get a good summary. By nature I am a complete hopeless romantic. I love nothing more than great conversation, when a guy plans out a unique date and remembers the little things I even forgot I said. This always shocks my friends, because I’m often single and dating longer than I am in a relationship. I’ll be honest with you all, it’s because I have been afraid of commitment. Why? When I am in a relationship I am one hundred percent invested in my person. I use every spare minute I have to do what my guy wants, shop for the perfect birthday gift for him, plan a party, hangout with his friends and sometimes his family. The thing is in the past this has not been reciprocated. My ex’s have often been insecure due to rumors their “friends” made up, comments about me being out of their league or allowed their families to dictate who they can date and make racist remarks to me. The only thing I wanted was quality time with my man, who loves and trust me unconditionally and would stick up for me with his family/friends.


This past year I have taken the time to completely fall head over heels in love with myself. I have planned trips, taken acting classes, laughed with old friends over lunch, gone to viewing parties for my fellow actors, had drinks with some interesting people and honestly loved every minute of it. Ironically I had a four hour conversation with a stranger about love, life and marketing. Our conversation basically reminded me that through everything, I still completely believe in love. The kind that is patient, magnetic, passionate, selfless and comes when you are completely happy with where you are in life.


This year my Valentine is my fur baby who loves me unconditionally and I am completely fine with that! Do you think there are different types of love?



Dior Glow Lipstick

I’ve been using Dior’s mascara for years now and occasionally their lipstick that goes on as a clear light pink and adjust to your on personal pink based on your skin tone and PH.rsz_imag0645rsz_imag0648rsz_imag0646

When Dior came out with over six new colors I ran to Sephora to try them out. Since I already have a good amount of Red, Burgundy and Berry colored lipsticks, I tried out the lilac tinted one named 009 Holographic Purple.

Before without any lipgloss
With the Dior LipGlow
You can slightly see the iridescent lilac sparkles.

I must say I have been in love with the lip color ever since! The best part is this lip gloss is not sticky so you don’t have to worry about your hair getting stuck in your lip gloss in the wind. The best thing is you can use this over or under your favorite lipsticks to enhance the color! Have you ever used an Dior products?

Were the Killers Wonderful, Wonderful?

photo credit

The Killers came to Atlanta last Sunday (as you may have been able to see on my Instagram last week) and I was so happy to finally attend their concert. I have loved Brandon Flowers and The Killers since middle school with Mr. Brightside, All These Things That I’ve Done and the entire Hot Fuss album blasting through my headphones! So to say my review of their concert may have a little bit of a bias to it would be an understatement. However, we all have loved a specific artist only to hear a live recording of them and realize they do not match how they sound in person. Or that they have no stage pr or X-factor. Well I am ecstatic to report The Killers exceeded my expectation and were even better than I imagined.

Alex Cameron opened for them and even commented that Brandon Flowers personally contacted them to go on tour with them. They reminded me of Walk the Moon and The Killers combined with a little more electronica.

When The Killers came out, Brandon Flowers immediately thanked everyone for coming and said, “I know you spent your hard earned money on tickets to this show and I am going to do my best to make sure we reach your expectations”. How humble in a world huge egos and celebs who show up late to their own concerts. This was incredibly refreshing to hear. The Killer write based on their lives and are incredibly sarcastic. For example Andy You’re a Star and The Man. Andy You’re a Star was about a high school football player who bullied Brandon relentlessly and if you listen to the lyrics you can tell this is Brandon’s revenge song. He states, Andy you’re a star in nobody’s eyes, but mine.” The Man was based on the negative public persona he had when he first came out. He explained that after having kids he realized their was nothing wrong with being compassionate. He never felt he fit the bad boy image the label/industry tried to give him. Which would explain the pink confetti that launched from the cannon in the beginning of the concert. Since pink is often seen as “feminine” even though I know a ton of dudes who look better in pink than me. Brandon rocked a Robin egg blue blazer the first half of the concert. Then, red, white and blue confetti fell from the sky. One touch that was pretty cool and personal is the water tower on stage had Atlanta on it. I think it’s cool that they thought to personalize the experience. Before the song Human Brandon pulled a fan named AJ out of the crowd who was wearing a jacket like Brandon in the Human music video. They let AJ play the bass for the song onstage and grab a selfie before returning to the crowd.

The Killers did a great job of blending songs from their older albums and their newest one. I thought it would be great if Brandon changed into some kind of sparkly sequined outfit. Then, he came out in a shiny, crystal covered silver and gold colored outfit with matching shoes! The light made the look appear to be more gold.


Photo credit

Then, he did and Elvis impression that had the crowd go wild! The Killers closed out with Mr. Brightside and I must admit the 13-year old girl in me screamed her lungs out shouting out the lyrics. Mr. Flowers ended the night with the quote, “there is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility is being better than your former self.” Over all The Killers put on a concert that was so much more than Wonderful, Wonderful.

Golden Globes and Why it is Necessary to Wear Black Now


Photo credit Vanity Fair

The 75th Golden Globe’s was a complete blackout. Usually the red carpet is full of vibrant colorful dress, suits and accessories. This year MOST celebrities showed up wearing all black. I have never been so proud to see this industry unite with Time Magazine for the Times Up initiative. A few celebrities opted to bring sexual assault activist as their dates. Why now, you might ask? Why now are all these people coming forward about sexual assault after being silent for so long? Why is Hollywood speaking up now and listening to activist? The climate we are living now. I’ve had this debate with a family friends dads who know I am actively working to be apart of the film and television industry. I pointed out to them that women have been harassed forever, but we often do not come forward because we are belittle and slut shammed. What were you wearing? Are you sure you didn’t want the attention? Did you drink? How much were drinking? Why were you alone? Well did you lead him on? Are you sure you didn’t want it? Well were you a virgin? How many partners have you had? Well what did you think was going to happen?

None of these questions justify the perpetrator’s behavior. No one has the right to touch you or make a sexual advance to you without your permission. I believe the reason why TimesUp has become a huge movement in Hollywood now, is because of our current president. To have an political election where one candidate is over-qualified for the position, has decades of experience as a politician and public servant, consistently answers all question about what they would do if elected. The other candidate belittles reporters with disabilities, ignores questions, does not submitted their taxes, does not resign from their companies, has been accused of sexual assault, is currently being sued for sexual assault and harassment by multiple women. Then, is quoted saying, “grab ‘em by the pussy” wins over the over-qualified female candidate. This tells women they are not equal, they are not important and they do not have control over their own bodies. Add the lack of equal pay and well you’ve completely handicapped an entire sex.

The 75th Golden Globes has been the most powerful, because they did not try to sweep the uncomfortable elephants in the room under the rug. Jokes were made using Harry Weinstein and Kevin Spacey names, calling them out for their crimes. Natalie Portman also pointed out that in the director category only men were nominated (even though there have been many great female directed films and tv shows this year). Debra Messing called out E! for lack of equality – in reference to paying Jason significantly more than Catt Sadler. Oprah accepted the Cecil B DeMille Award and gave the most eloquent speech since Obama was in office. My hope is that this momentum will continue and all work places will promote a safe, respectful, equal pay environment we all are owed. I can not wait for the day women and men do not have to say #metoo Did you watch the Golden Globes? If so do you think the blackout showed unity or just a fashion statement?

Four Tips for Accomplishing Your New Year’s!

Happy New Year everyone! 

This past year has been full of blessings, lessons and hardwork. My goal is to continue to be open to the opportunities and changes that comes my way. Continue to set intentions for myself and visualize them. In the past everytime I have intentionally visualized myself accomplishing my goals and spoken about them it has come true. For 2018 let’s follow the following tips to accomplish our resolutions!

1. Write down your goals. Do it. There is something about physically writing down your goals for the year that holds you accountable. Personally I recommend getting a dry erase marker and writing them on your bathroom mirror, or a long mirror in your bedroom. Why? Every morning when you wake up you use the bathroom and look in the mirror. Sometimes while brushing your teeth, other times while putting on your make up or zoning out. Then, again at night as you do your nighttime routine. Twice a day you will see your goals and can reflect on what steps you need to take to be closer to crossing that goal off your list!

 2. Verbalize your goal(s). Talk to your friends, family and even people you meet at networking events about your goals. Everytime I have met people and mentioned I am an actor focused on the Film and Television industry they somehow have some interesting story to share, person they must connect me with or even just general information about this industry. (Plus I love recommending films and TV shows to check out to other people)! I have always enjoyed getting to know other people. Getting to hear someone’s perspective based on where they grew up, what their cultural norms and morals are. One of my fabulous gal pals and I just had a discussion on what she does on Christmas with her family. She is Muslim and is always kind enough to with me a Merry Christmas, but I never knew what her equivalent would be. Well she wrote this article, to explain what various Muslim’s do on Christmas. We always discuss what we want to accomplish and support each other with positive words. Verbalizing can lead to people holding you accountable and connecting with the right people.

 3. Be open to change. This time of year so many people focus on dieting to lose weight, instead of making a lifestyle change for the sake of building muscle and being healthier. I can not stress enough how important your health is. That should always be priority number 1. Taking care of the only body you have the right way will save you so much stress, money and help your mental health. Change could also mean stepping out of your comfort zone, like finally taking that Public Speaking class you need so you don’t freak out when having to give a presentation or job interview. Change can feel scary and uncomfortable, but it is the only way to grow.

4. “Let live and let God”. To me, this quote means stop trying to plan and control every step of your life. This does not mean sit in your room stare blankly at the walls and expect to find the love of your life, dream career, that six pack of abs you had in middle school and financial freedom. You have to put forth effort! Want to meet someone go to a cooking class, spoken word night or indie film festival instead of your regular bar or nightclub scene. Switch it up! Look at your bank statement, and outgoing bills. See if there is somewhere you keep splurging that you can cut back, like eating out twice a week instead of everyday, or buying the majority of your groceries from a cheaper place (shout out to Trader Joe’s! You are the real MVP)! If you want to break a bad habit start today instead tomorrow, next week, etc. We all know the longer we procrastinate the harder it is to change. 

5. Do a check in. In six months see which goals you have accomplished. See which ones still need some TLC to get them done.

What are some tips you have for accomplishing your New Year’s resolutions?