Kamala Harris Inspired Outfit for Under 50 Dollars

the drop pink tank top

Hello beautiful people! 

Green cheetah print skirt

How are you on this lovely Friday? After a crazy week, I finally had a chance to put on a cute outfit and get out of the house in something other than gym clothes. I don’t know about you, but I love dressing up. I’m one of the few in my office that would dress up in colorful outfits or sparkly heels just because! So in honor of our new Vice President Kamala Harris an AKA, I decided to pair this fabulous top from Amazon’s the Drop and this skirt that has been on my wish list for ages.

I tried to do a no-spend year last year and can honestly say aside from a random outfit I bought for an audition; I have been very good about not buying clothing. Partially because of the pandemic, partially because I really wanted to shop my closet and really get to wear every piece I owned. I found I have some favorites I reach for, and then certain cuts are no longer flattering to my figure. I picked up these two pieces since I have always wanted a cheetah print skirt in a bright color. Green is my favorite color (in case you haven’t noticed from my green ted baker coat post) and I could not wait to pair this skirt with an equally bright color. This bright pink top from the Drop on Amazon. Both pieces were under 30 bucks! The top is 29.90 and the skirt is 17.99. Insane.

The Drop pink tank top and green cheetah print skirt.

For those of you who do not know what an AKA(Alpha Kappa Alpha) is, it is a black sorority know for their love of pearls, ivy, apple green, and salmon pink.

Pink and green fashion, pink tank top from the drop

This outfit is what watermelon sugar high dreams are made of! If you wanted to downplay the print you could pair it with black ankle or combat boots and a white tank with a black leather jacket.

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