The Gift of Gratitude and Emotional Growth

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. While everyone is sharing a list of gifts I can’t help but think about gratitude. With a year that has been full of chaos, loss, disease there has also been time to reflect, reprioritize, and grow. 

I for one am so grateful for the little thing, the friends I’ve made in my apartment building. With so many people moving out some due to job loss, others buying homes at the low-interest rate of 3.5 percent! The sense of community is still alive and well in my building. 

I am grateful for the sun! As someone who did not know seasonal depression was a thing, until I moved to Georgia. I have been so grateful for the unusually sunny days we have gotten in Nov and December. I swear that little bit of vitamin D has kept me in a positive mood.

The gym, I don’t know about you, but I always feel better after a gym session. There is a sense of accomplishment, a newfound respect for your body and the endorphins are pretty fantastic too!

My family, even in the hard moments of this year with all the changes my mom and cousin have talked me off the ledge many a day. Reminding me that this time period like many things will pass, that this is the perfect opportunity to try new things, want to relearn Spanish? Now is the time. Always wanted to play the drums? Why not now, my neighbor has been playing the sax for a week now maybe we can start a band!

Last, but certainly not least emotional growth. This year has forced us all to sit and face the things we have been avoiding. Like the real reason you self-sabotage. For some people it may be why they can not be alone. Where your anxiety really comes from. What makes you a perfectionist? My favorite new thing to do when a random thought or seed of doubt comes in is ask where does that come from? Is it something I believe? Is it something I genuinely said, or did it come from something someone said to me?

For example, I was always told it was dangerous to travel outside of the U.S. Part of me believed I would be robbed if I did, however, I have so many friends from other countries who frequently travel outside the US. The crime level here is insane compared to some countries. So I asked myself where does that belief come from? My parents and grandparents. Who are only trying to protect me, but the reality is they have never traveled outside abroad with the exception of driving to Canada. How would they know Europe is dangerous? Which btw London was way safer and nicer than New York. 

Appreciating the random warm sunny days this year

This year I want to give you the gift of gratitude and emotional growth. I challenge you to be more aware of the negative thoughts that creep into your minds. When that happens, I want you to pause and ask yourself where does that thought/belief come from? Is it something you genuinely believe or was it something a colleague, friend, boss, or family member said? Then ask yourself if you want to believe that comment or to simply throw it away. Have you been practicing gratitude this year? What growth are you carrying into the new year?

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