Art Basel Goes Virtual, is it as Inspiring?

Hello beautiful people!

The first Thursday and Friday in December have always been reserved on my calendar for Art Basel. I’ve always saved vacation days to recharge and get inspired by artists old and new. There is nothing better than cool streetwear, the sculptures, installations, paintings and pieces that line the halls of the Miami Convention Center in South Beach. Plus escaping winter for a few days never hurt.

This year covid has 180-ed all of that. I like many others have watched as the owners of Art Basel met virtually and debated alternatives to the usual exhibition – would it feel the same online? Would people even want to buy tickets? Honestly, it isn’t the same in the sense that I don’t get to feel the energy of the crowd, converse with strangers about what they think the artist is expressing.

HOWEVER, nothing this year has been the same, and I don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing. I think we are all overdue for some growth. Going virtual probably opened up more slots for an artist to submit their pieces which means more opportunity.

Art Basel has been my favorite event all year. It’s always a reminder to take risk, have fun, enjoy the beauty in life and to live without worry of judgement.

You can read about the fabulous Eurostar Langford I stayed in for Art Basel a few years back here.

This year the online view rooms will feature 255 galleries and I believe there are a few smaller outdoor pop up exhibits in various towns across the country.

While scrolling through the online catalog feels more like online shopping and less like submerging yourself in a cultural experience, I must say I am thankful it can be done from the safety of our own homes. Here’s hoping we can stop the spread of this virus and return to a time when we will have the privilege to enjoy conversations with strangers from a safe distance.

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