Pros and Cons of the Google Pixel 5

Google Pixel 5 Review

Hello world!

Welcome back to my corner of the internet. I pre-ordered the Google Pixel 5 through Best Buy back at the beginning of October. My HTC I wrote about back on this post finally k.o.-ed. The back of my phone physically started separating from the phone. I also noticed my self-tapes started having a red tint to them when I uploaded them from my phone to my laptop. I don’t know about you, but looking like I have perpetual sunburn is not a cute look. When you are performing a scene where you’re about to be murdered in a cabin, hanging out with friends at a bar, or playing a love interest you don’t want to look like you have a skin condition. No matter how much I edited my self-tapes the red tint was here to stay. So I looked into Google Pixel. To physically reserve this phone was a quest! You can watch my lovely youtube video below to find out more about that!

The Pros of Google Pixel 5

The camera


Wow, the portrait mood is stunning. It blurs the background so only you are in focus. The selfie camera on my previous phone was pretty terrible compared to the back of the phone so this was a refreshing change.

Night mode

The back camera has a night mode. Here are some pics for example. Normally the lights at night would blur and streak in the photo, or you would struggle to make out different people-sized blobs. No more! This camera thrives at night. As a black woman who has had to remind her friends, that while they may feel like Casper the friendly ghost with the flash on at night I turn into a floating set of white teeth without it. Night mode is the perfect compromise! The extra-wide lens is perfect for making sure you can fit everyone into the group pic!

Google Pixel 5 vs Samsung Galaxy

Wireless charging

If you have a wireless charging pad the phone does work well and charge on it. Otherwise it comes with the standard plug in.

Mental health

The digital wellbeing tracker tells you how many times you’ve unlocked your phone, how many hours you’ve spent on specific apps and you can set it to cut you off at a certain time so you can start to wind down.

Minimalist Display

I also enjoy the lack on buttons on this display. To back out of a screen you tap the left or right edges of the phone screen. The only time this feature sucks is when you are on Instagram and get shot back to the top of the algorithm. You’ve been warned!

The Cons of the Google Pixel 5


The sound is not the best. I find myself putting calls on speaker, since it seems muffled when you talk on the phone regularly. The speakers are only located at the bottom of the phone, so this may be a minor design flaw.

No Headphone Jack

There is not headphone jack. Bluetooth headphones will be on my Christmas wish list.

Are you an Android or iPhone kinda person? Cross over to the Android side, we have wireless charging and better features for a lower cost 😃.

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