Getting Inspired By Art & My Storytime About Racism


A few weeks back I went to the High Museum of Art to check out the Picture a Dream exhibition for my birthday week. I mentioned the vlog here on this post.

In front the museum they had an amazing instillation called Murmuration. Which means a flock of startling according to the Oxford Dictionary. Birds often murmur in groups since there is a sense of safety and community in numbers. If 2020 has not taught you how important community and human contact is are you even awake?

Murmuration at the High Museum of Art

The purpose of the installation was to allow visitors to flutter about from one section of the piece the way birds migrate around in groups. Even with the covid, I saw groups of two or three smizing with their mask on and taking pictures on different sections of the exhibition. People often looked disappointed that they could not go over to other fun areas and lounge to interact with one another.

This piece reminded me of why I love art so much. Aside from the obvious beauty and fun, I appreciate the joy art brings to us. Pieces like this require us to interact with one another, play in a tactile childlike way. To all the artists out there I appreciate your talent for doing things that feel good for the soul. The ability to make us laugh, cry, stop, and reflect on what is really important in the world.

I was not able to play on this lovely exhibition on this rainy day in the vlog so I came back to interact with the piece and take pictures another day.

In my vlog you will see a video featuring MLK’s granddaughter who gives her own version of the iconic, I have a dream speech. I also take you on a tour of various children’s books that discuss racism, civil rights, the NASA computers from Hidden Figures, Loving – the first mixed-race couple to legally marry in the U.S., and my own childhood story of racism. Have you ever experience said something racially insensitive and wished you could go back and fix it? I’d love to chat more about your life experience or views on art below. Have a beautiful weekend!

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