Autumn Changes and a Day at the Pumpkin Patch

Hello beautiful people!

It’s been too long since I’ve caught up with you. Where have been? Interviewing, auditioning, trying to stay sane. Making sure I go outside every day to get some fresh air and working out since it always brings me peace. I must say autumn is always an amazing time for a change. As the trees begin to change color and lose their leaves we too begin to change from the inside out. I know this year we have all experienced so much change, some have lost jobs, loved ones, places to live, the stress of the US election, other people have started new careers paths, moved to better places, bought new cars, paid off the debt. This season has truly been a testament to growth, patients and perseverance.

A weekend back I decided to go to the pumpkin patch and enjoy some fall activities. It was nice to see all the young families selecting their pumpkins, sipping on apple cider, and enjoying pony rides. It was a refreshing reminder to keep pushing forward. Even if you are feeling frustrated or stuck in your current situation know that it is not permanent. That the rejections, transitions, and chaos do suck, but your mindset does not have to. Rejection is redirection, protection from an improper fit, transitions challenge us to try new things we never thought we were capable of. I took voice-over classes over the quarantine because I finally had the time to try out a new section of the industry. I met some amazing coaches, and feel excited to expand my repertoire. What if the rejection is to prevent you from being in a job that was not going to pay you well, treat you right and there was no room to grow your skills. Another job comes along with opportunities for leadership roles, supportive management teams, mentors you click with, a passion for helping the community and you thank God for the No’s you received before.

What are some changes taking place in your life?

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