Let’s Talk About Mental Health


Hello everyone, how are you? Genuinely how have you been feeling? Has 2020 finally hit you like a ton of bricks or are you still in a positive headspace? I’ll be the first to admit as things have continued to get crazy this year I have kept a positive mindset. I made it a point to read devotionals, practice gratitude even for the simple things like having a bed to wake up in. Running through the usual gratitude practices listed here but between the debate and the uncertainty of many aspects in our lives, this week just felt overwhelming. For the first time in a while, I found myself crying sometimes for no reason at all, other times over the stress and uncertainty of the job market, our nation, and other crap I have absolutely no control over. 

So instead I decided to be still. To stop scrolling on social media, turn off the news, stop hunting for auditions, other job applications, and just go outside. As I sat on a bench for a good hour and a half I listened to the bird’s chirp, saw people jog by, and realized that everything always works out better than we planned them when we let go. The more we cling to what we want, who we want to be, and come from a frantic state the further away from our goals we become.

 That this year is forcing all of us to recalibrate. We are learning to appreciate the little things, to remember that nothing feels better than a hug from the people you love after a long day, to feel fear and allow it to wash away rather than clinging to it.

This is a period of growing pains, which let’s be honest sucks. Growing is uncomfortable, frustrating and takes effort. It is so much easier to keep the same routine, habits, expectations and standards but then nothing changes. It so much simpler to autopilot through your life, but then you never get to reach your full potential.

You don’t meet new people that challenge your views, you don’t expand your mind, you don’t get to evolve into the upgraded version of yourself. You don’t discover new things, like the fact that you like sushi or grilled asparagus. 

My goal this week is to be patient. Patient with my expectations, patient with my desire to make something happen. Instead, I am going to take drum lessons, I am going to catch up with loved ones, I am going to pray that God will open the doors meant for me and give me the discernment to walk away from those that no longer serve me. What is your goal this week? Is there something you want to let go of? Let’s chat below!

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