Classic Light Clean/Crisp Perfumes to Wear for Summer

Crisp Summer Perfumes

Ralph by Ralph Lauren bottle and Badgley Mischka perfume. Light summer Perfumes

Hello beautiful people! 

Following up with my Top Floral Perfume post, I thought I’d share two of my favorite crisp fresh scents. 

This Ralph by Ralph Lauren scent is one of a kind. I spent over an hour at Sephora trying to find this scent only to discover Ulta Beauty is the one who had it. I kept saying it’s crisp like a summer day, laundry, a hint of unisex, very clean smelling, the notes are light, and it comes with a turquoise blue top. I know I drove the sales associate insane trying over 10 scents. Each one was too earthy, too masculine, too fruit-infused. I googled Ralph Lauren blue bottle and found this baby at Ulta. This one was justtt right. 

This Ralph by Ralph Lauren scent is made up of green apple, tangerine, purple freesia, magnolia, and white iris with a soft musk. It smells slightly sweet thanks to magnolia, crisp due to the green apple with a little bite to it. It’s not a heavy floral scent so I was not aware that magnolia and iris were in this signature scent. Ralph launched this in perfume in 2000 and it honestly reminds me of summer it’s light and refreshing for those scorching summer days. Every time I spray this perfume on I feel energized and ready to go to a summer bbq, pool party, or the beach. It smells like the summer sun, in a bottle.

First can we talk about this packaging. This Badgley Mischka looks like a gemstone in a lovely lilac shade! There is a nice weight to the bottle. I was walking through Dillards to scope out the shoe department when I smelled the most devine scent. I stopped and could hear a sales lady laughing, I said something in here, smells AMAZING, do you know what that is? She smiled and said it was this Badgley Mischka Eau de Parfum. Like may of my favorites it has pink pepper, magnolia, tuberose and sandalwood in it. It also has peony, iris, jasmine, amber, coconut wood and musk. Honestly guys, its like walking through a garden in spring. This scent can be described as light, powdery, floral but understated.

I’d love to hear what scents you prefer. Are into crisp clean scents, light florals or do you like perfume that makes a statement?

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