Travel the World From Your Laptop

I don’t know about you, but I miss travel. The joy of getting lost in a new city, checking out new mom and pop shops, learning the history of a city, trying a new dish or drink. Traveling is fun and a great way to make new memories. However, given the pandemic, travel has pretty much been canceled for 2020. Just when I thought I was going to have to go down a youtube rabbit hole to pretend I was escaping to another country I found they have over 9 cities in various countries you can virtually tour and choose the experience.

Isn’t this drink dreamy?

Through their 60 second cities world tour you can travel from the convince of your couch or home office.

You can choose to spend a lot on a hotel or a little on a hostel, to go hiking or go to the spa, drinks out on the town, or a night of dancing. There are so many choices that you can easily go on these tours three times to see different outcomes. The best part is they list every place in the video at the bottom so you can check these places out for yourself for potential places to visit post-pandemic.

The Strand Book Store was one option you could hang out in

If this isn’t enough of an escape for you I recommend checking out Netflix’s Restaurants on the Edge. It has two seasons and visits so many beautiful places like Malta, St. Croix, and Finland.

Apotheke a speakeasy style bar

They have videos for Mexico City, Hanoi, Sydney, Taipei, Cartagena, Rome, Bali, Miami, and Los Angeles. So there is something for everyone. Have these videos inspired you to check out a new city you want to make a future trip too?

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