Affordable Celestial Earrings You’ll Love

Celestial Earrings You’ll Love!

Hello gorgeous humans!

I don’t know about you, but I have always loved astronomy. As a kid I begged my mom for a telescope and use to go out and gaze at the sky. I loved trying to find various planets and admire the stars. Looking at all the craters in the moon and the various cycles it goes through. To this day I love going to the planetary and watching the light show. When the celestial trend came out late 2018-2019 I was thrilled! Adrienne Bailon came out with her own celestial line called “Star of Wonder” on XIXI along with bigger luxury brands like Maria Tash. I did not want to drop a lot of money on this trend, so I waited it out until the trend trickled down into more affordable dupes.

Aren’t these just darling! My orchard thought they brought out her yellow undertones.

I found these babies at Forever 21. Each pair was under 6 dollars. 6 DOLLARS! I’ll admit I haven’t shopped at Forever 21 in a couple of years since I try not to buy a lot of fast fashion. I’ve tried to buy pieces as I’ve needed them for certain auditions or work from other places. However, given the quarantine, I’ve taken the time to purge pieces that no longer serve me ala Maria Kondo.

Unlike a lot of dangly earrings, these are not heavy and look expensive.  I love that there were various silver and gold options. You can find the gold pair of moon star pendant drop earrings here. The silver crescent moon and stars here.

 I love the asymmetrical quality of the moon and star gold earrings not matching. It’s a fun on-trend touch. For sure affordable earrings offer a ton of detail.

Are there any high-lows you’ve found recently? I would love to hear about them below.

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