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Floral Perfume

Hello Beautiful people! 

Top luxury floral perfumes, Gucci Envy Me, Rose De Chloe and Valentino Donna in Roma

Happy Monday, I was looking at my perfume collection and thought I had to share my favorite floral scents. I don’t know about you, but scents bring back memories for me. Like back in seventh grade everyone was wearing Victoria Secret body splashes and Cucumber Melon body spray. I loved Pink Chiffon from Bath and Body Works until I smelled Gucci Envy Me. I genuinely fell in love with this scent and have worn it for about 6 straight years until I started to discover other scents. I loved how Gucci Envy Me lasted throughout the day and went so well with my own pheromones. 

Gucci Envy Me* is for someone who is confident, strong, and a little flirty. It has notes of peony, jasmine, pink pepper, lychee, pineapple, sandalwood, and teakwood. It’s chic, feminine, and confident. Every time I wear it, men ask me what scent I’m wearing. Other women say someone smells amazing something floral and strong but in a good way! This scent will turn heads! If you do not like attention, I would not recommend it.

This scent has carried me through student Vice President elections, my first kiss, way too many sweet sixteen parties and auditions for theatre programs, and my first corporate job interview. It will continue to be a staple in my collection for years to come.

Born in Roma Valentino

One day I walked by the perfume counter at Bloomingdales and saw an ad with this gorgeous black woman in a pink dress. I was drawn by the couture style pink gown contrasting to her glowing dark brown skin. I then realized this was a Valentino ad. This bottle is not only gorgeous and studded glass, a nod to their Rockstud line it is such a warm, sexy scent. I wear this on dates, when I’m playing a sultry character or when I just feel sexy. Valentino Donna Born in Roma has notes of Blackcurrant accords, jasmine tea, bourbon vanilla. The bourbon vanilla adds the warmth and sexiness to the scent.  

Gucci Envy Me, Valentino Donna Born in Roma and Rose De Chloe Perfume

Rose De Chloe*. The first time I smelled Rose De Chloe, on one of my many weekly trips to Ulta. I roamed through the perfume aisle admiring the various bottles until my eyes landed on the rose scent. I rarely met a rose-scented perfume I do not love. This one is not as overtly warm and sexy as Valentino one but does have an approachable flirty scent. It has notes of amber musk, bergamot, and Damascena rose. This adorable pink bow is just the cherry on top. I’ve worn this to the office, brunch with my girls, and when meeting my boyfriend’s family. It is not overwhelming or strong like the Gucci Envy Me so if someone is sensitive to scent this should not bother them.

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What floral perfume do you love? Or do you like crisp fresh scents?

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  1. Keri, I am going to have to use some of these recommendations! I love perfume (especially floral perfume) but havebn’t picked any up in ages! Will have to invest in a few bottles xx

    1. When you get one I would love to hear what you think of the perfume (down the road)! It’s always nice to add to your collection, then you can mix it up. 😊

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