How to Attract the Right Guy on Dating Apps

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How to Attract the Right Guy on Dating Apps

Hello beautiful people!

I hope you all are doing okay; I hope you are taking your vitamins, being kind to yourself, staying safe, and finding a way to stay connected to your loved ones.

Let’s start with some quick don’ts

Don’t put up a picture surrounded by 4 other people, photos from more than 2 years ago or photoshopped pictures. No one wants to be catfished. Our faces and body change so much from 5 years ago to now so don’t use photos from then otherwise you may hear negative comments from the guys you finally facetime or meet. No one likes trying to figure out which one of the 3 people you are in a photo, do yourself a favor and make sure your are the star of your profile. You are fun, confident, talented and beautiful show it off! Toot your own horn.

Don’t put up a bikini picture or super low-cut top unless you are cool with getting a lot of messages from Fuck bois making rude comments. I’m talking I’ll bend you over, the usual hey sexxi, your place or mine. I’d like to be between those thighs and other way more explicit things that<s> dogs</s> guys who have never met you think it is appropriate to say on the internet. 

The Do’s

Classy sexy, does anyone else do photoshoots in an elevator?
Flirty personality picture at a A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Traveling to Tulum, for my birthday

  1. The approachable selfie. Do put up one photo of yourself looking straight on into the camera smiling selfie-style. This way you can show off your gorgeous face, and smize with your eyes. In order to do that think of something funny, or have your friend crack a joke then take a pic, so you can genuinely smile.
  2. A pic that shows your interest. Do you like horseback riding, art, Dragon Con, or a specific sports team? Pick one photo of you doing this activity. It shows off your interest and is great for helping guys come up with ice breakers. You get less “hey, how are you?” messages and more “how long have you been horseback riding? I used to have a horse named Buttercup! What’s your horse’s name?” Which can spur natural conversation and storytelling.
  3. A photo of you traveling with an interesting backdrop. Maybe you traveled to your family’s cabin, went hiking in a new spot, or have photos from your girls’ trip to Mexico. Pick one of these photos. This will add variety and show that you enjoy exploring new places. Try to pick a photo that is not similar to the hobby pic. Meaning if you have a selfie, and a hobby picture that shows your face straight on a closeup, try to find one where you are further from the camera or even doing a different pose. Say if you usually put your hand on your hip in every picture try some other poses.
  4. Pet photo of you with your fur baby. This way if the person is allergic or does not like pets, they can swipe left. It also provides a great opening for you two to schedule a doggie play date.
  5. Personality pic. We all need one goofy photo that shows off our personality. This could be a flirty photo covering half your face, kicking your leg up like a Can Can dancer, blowing a kiss, or whatever makes you feel sexy and confident.
  6. Sexy classy photo. Do put up one photo that’s classy sexy. You know where you show off your clavicles or rock over the knee boots, but in reality, there is only a sliver of skin showing. Attraction is a huge part of dating as well as personality, chemistry so throwing a little off the shoulder number in there is great. For example, I am talking a red lip, off the shoulder top, and some heeled boots, or sandals. You would be amazed by how many guys will like this photo even though you are showing way less skin than you would at the pool.

Avoid basic clichés 

Do not put that you love taco Tuesday, puppies, and The Office. Everyone does this. We all love a good puppy or taco bar. Post a photo of your pet instead so they know you have one and if they are not an animal person, they can see themselves out. Try to think of other things you enjoy or a quote that defines you well. These are things that give the other person a look into what makes you special. 

Do talk about your accomplishments 

List qualities you are looking for, experiences you want to go on with a partner and the industry you work in. Add your accomplishments, if you’ve written a book, enjoy singing in the choir, climbed some insane mountain, or just got into an MBA program add that too.

Do you have any tips for making a fabulous dating profile?

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  1. This is a great list – I’d definitely prefer a profile that looks like a genuine human I could connect with showing their personality rather than a bunch of body shots!xx

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