Review of Live by Sadie Robertson

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Always Believe Journal and Sadie Robertson by Live

This weekend I finished Live by Sadie Robertson. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to make time out for my relationship with God. Whether that was through morning and midday prayers, conversations, or reading daily devotionals as mentioned in my Gratitude post here. When I saw Sadie’s book at Target I thought why not.

Review of Live by Sadie Robertson

Sadie often uses the definition of a word such as live and reinforces it with modern examples of God’s work in our modern times. She then compares it to various biblical stories we’ve heard, but from a completely different viewpoint.

She touches on things we are all going through, such as the frustration of being in a waiting period. How we must rejoice and continue to work hard in the waiting period not just lay around expecting God to bless us. For example, if you want a better paying job, but you feel stuck in your current situation you must pray about it then execute a plan. Find out what skills you need to get into the job you want. Take the time to take classes to gain the skills or seek a mentor who can help you on a new career path. Do not just sit and pray for God to bless you.  Also, rejoice and be grateful for where you are. While you may feel stuck you are in your current situation, you have to shift your thought process and thank God for the lessons you are learning. Remember that everything is working for you not against you. You may not completely understand why now, but one day you will.

Comparing relevant biblical stories to personal testimonies

Sadie opens with a testimony of going to a girl’s juvenile detention center and telling them the story of the parodical son with a modern twist.

Modern issues Christians like how to deal with haters. By haters, she means people who do not have a positive interest in your well-being. People who attack your new idea to start a business, learn a new skill, or move to another state. People who try to distract you from your goals and so not have your best interest at heart. How it is okay to say no to these people and distractions without guilt. That when you keep your eyes on the prize and faith in your heart God blesses you.

A celebration of diversity

Throughout the book, she shows photos of various body types and ethnicities. She mentions how God created us on our own individual paths, to not compare your path to others. She reminds us that we never compare ourselves to, “the depth of the ocean or shining as bright as the sun” so why do we compare ourselves to friends, coworkers, and people on social media.


Final thoughts

Overall Sadie Robertson’s book is a great reminder to keep the faith and that God is still very much present in our daily lives. It is a quick read, but one you can go back to on a hard day when you are feeling down. She lists scriptures you can go to for clarification. Sadie reminds us to seek love, faith, and prayer. Something we could all use and a great reminder to reprioritize. What Christian books would you recommend?

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