Quality Acting Classes for an Affordable Price!

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Hello beautiful people and happy Friday! Today I wanted to share an amazing new acting studio with you all.

Quality Acting Classes for an Affordable Price!

If you are an actor or aspiring to be one, then you know the cost of working in the industry is steep. Usually, you need to move to a major city to join a studio with great teachers to help you learn techniques, get your market kit together, and other hidden costs. 

An estimate of what it cost to be an actor

Just to give you an idea the average headshot session cost for 2 looks ranges between 125 – 250 dollars. You get two standard touch-ups and pay 20 – 45 dollars for each additional headshot you need to be edited. If you do not own the right clothing that enhances the actor type you fit or is the wrong color for your skin tone, hair, and eye color you could easily spend between 90-500 dollars on clothing for the shoot and your slate shots. Of course, you could tuck the tags and return these clothes after, but it’s still an expensive and stressful venture. Hair and make up for the headshots could easily run you another 150 dollars on average. When you join a studio you usually have to sign up for a three-month contract and pay between 175-300 dollars a month to be in one 12-week class once a week for three hours. Many studios have moved classes online due to the pandemic and lowered their pricing to 20 dollars per class – 125 dollars for the month. Other studios have kept their pricing high and want you to pay for the month upfront. This can provide a financial strain especially during these trying times, plus if you book a role and miss the class you are out of that money and are not allowed to make up the class. 

Top Actor Studio is the only studio that provides actors with quality training from instructors who are currently working, auditioning, and performing at an affordable cost. They are one of the few studios that allow you to pick and choose classes without a contract and allow you to cancel a class with a four-hour notice and receive a credit for a future class.

The classes are listed out every week and vary since each instructor is a professional working artist and they often book jobs. The instructors live in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, London, and South Africa. Which is great because you can take a class at various times throughout the day.

The quality and knowledge you gain from Top Actor Studio’s classes

I took Brett’s Comedy & Performative Analysis. He broke down what makes comedy funny in 50 minutes. He began by showing us a clip. Then asked us what we thought made it funny? What we thought worked to set up humor? He then took the time to break down each section of the clip. He gave an example of why a skit worked to make the audience laugh and where it failed. Everything he said made sense in reference to why some skits work and make us laugh and others fall flat. He even broke down other well-known movies and explained why they are funny to some people, but not the majority. He taught us how to set up a joke so the audience will follow along and laugh. 

Brett Waldon has his BA in Theatre and MFA in Performance. He previously did long-form improv at Upright Citizens Brigade theaters in both Los Angeles and New York City. He currently lives in Florida and works at the SAK Comedy Lab and can be found teaching Conservatory classes and performing there most weekends as part of the Ensemble cast. 

Benefits of Using Top Actor Studio

I will definitely take classes at Top Actor Studio in the future, with the variety of industry experts, affordable cost and comfort of learning from your own home why not. If comedy is not your thing no worries! Top Actor Studio has classes with some of the following teachers:

Career Coaching with -Winsome Sinclair to date, the WSA has collaborated with such directors as Steven Spielberg, Spike Lee, Oliver Stone, Malcolm Lee, Lee Daniels, and the late John Singleton.  She has been a part of many films that are considered a part of black cinematic history. A few of her credits include ALL EYEZ ON ME, BEING MARY JANE, and BARBERSHOP 3, MALCOLM X, WAITING TO EXHALE, AMISTAD, INSIDE MAN.

Voice Over with – Nick Shakoour’s from starring in the Oscar-qualifying film, Madaran (Mothers), to recurring on NBC’s State of Affairs, and voicing the hit animated series, Care Bears: Unlock The Magic, as the voices of Grumpy Bear & Tenderheart Bear – Nick has weaved in and out of a plethora of roles.

Hosting with – Gemma Kent is a proud graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and their prestigious Academy Company in NYC, and she is equally proud to now be based out of Orlando. Gemma is a frequent Guest Host for the national television network, HSN, where she is the spokesperson for the innovative brand, Dyson.

Performance Technique, Character Development with – Atandwa Kani​ is most recognized for his portrayal of young King ​T’Chaka​ in the 2018 Disney, Marvel blockbuster BLACK PANTHER, directed by Ryan Coogler. The role was uniquely special, as his father, veteran actor ​John Kani​, played the senior T’Chaka in the film.

Broadway with – Susan Wood is best known for originating the role of Sandy in the Broadway revival of “Grease” alongside Rosie O’Donnell and Billy Porter. She also played Evelyn Nesbit in the American premiere of “Ragtime” starring Brian Stokes Mitchell and LaChanze where she earned an Ovation Award Nomination. 

Foundation for Theater, Film, and Television with – Jennifer Fouché an ensemble member of New York’s critically acclaimed Amoralists Theatre Company, a former member of the Flea Theatre’s resident ensemble, The Bats, a member of the Tony Award-winning choir, The Broadway Inspirational Voices and teaching artist.

Each instructor offers 30-minute or 60-minute private coaching sessions. 30 dollars for 30 minutes and 60 dollars for 60 minutes. In Brett’s class, one woman was writing a comedic skit and wanted some feedback on it. He offered to look at it and help her set up the comedic timing so it would land right.

There is literally something for everyone. I for one think they are going to make a huge difference in the quality of performers in this industry. Goodbye to the days of needing to commute far to attend classes in order to enhance your skills. 

If there is a specific niche you want to learn more about in the industry, they welcome feedback and suggestions for future classes, they should offer. Which you can email to them at connect@topactorstudio.com.

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