10 Ways to Practice Gratitude

10 Ways to Practice Gratitude

Happy Friday! Happy Juneteenth!

I hope you all move through this weekend with a joyful heart remembering to have fun.

10 way to practive gratitude

  1. Tell someone you care about what you love about them and how you appreciate them – This could be your best friend, your grandma or your mom. You never know when you could make someone else’s day. It also just feels good to give someone else a compliment.
  2. Make a playlist – Make a Spotify playlist that full of music that makes you want to dance and laugh.
  3. Look on the Brightside – There is usually a way to make a negative situation positive. You didn’t get the job you wanted that sucks, but you can take this time to learn new skills and potentially right a cover letter for an even better job. This past week my voice-over lesson with my favorite coach had to be canceled twice due to unfortunate circumstances.  This gave me more time to practice the technique she mentioned from our last session and develop three separate characters instead of one. Something I would not have had the time for otherwise.Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale Devotionals
  4. Read daily devotionals- It was so easy to get in a negative headspace during this time, so I subscribed to two daily devotionals. One from my favorite church and one from a random women’s site I found. These can often provide a sense of peace and remind you that you are not alone.
  5. Make a new routine – Try waking up earlier by 15 minutes. Take a few minutes to stretch and ten minutes to journal. Journaling anthropologie diffuser, green journal and mirrored dresser
  6. Journal – if you are feeling sad, negative, anxious, write it down in a journal. Use I am statements. I am so frustrated. I am scared about getting sick. I am scared about losing my home. Then after you’ve written that multiple times tear the pages. Then write down three things you love about yourself until you fill half a page. I am a great friend. I am smart. I am lovable. This way you can release your valid negative feels and end on a positive note.
  7. Watch funny videos – Sometimes you just need a good belly laugh. Watch videos on YouTube or Tick Tok. For some reason no matter how pissed I am this video and song always make me laugh. Probably because it’s complete nonsense.
  8. Pray – Pray for yourself, family, friends, people who are alone. There is always someone you can pray for we all are works in progress trying to heal from something.Green forest park walks - Keri Elaine
  9. Go outside – Put your phone down and genuinely enjoy the beauty of nature. There is scientific evidence that green space improves mood. Which is probably one of the many reasons even in New York City has Central Park to keep everyone sane.
  10. Watch college graduation speeches– This about it, motivational speakers are brought in for graduation to inspire hope and empower grads for the future why not you.

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