How to Pivot and Job Search

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My friend and I spent yesterday talking about LinkedIn and all the various job websites out there. How it’s fun to see the various careers our friends ended up in. She mentioned how like many people she is unhappy with her job. At a time where everyone will tell you to be thankful you have work, I pointed out that she still deserves to be content with her place of work. We spend over 2000 hours a year at our jobs, not counting overtime, early morning meetings for training, and other unknowns. You need to at the very least find a company whose values align with yours, has potential for growth (into a new position so you do not feel stagnant), is paying you your worth.

Job Search Pivoting Industries

  1. Check out the LinkedIn Jobs tab for the jobs that are open to you. You can see how your resume compares to the qualifications they are asking for. However, do not feel discouraged if you don’t fit all 10 or 12 of the criteria. There is always room for growth and training and as this article points out, most women only apply for jobs they 100 percent fit whereas men apply for jobs they only fit 60 percent of. Be confident! You can learn and adapt to your new role. Most of the jobs here are legitimate and link to the company page where you can fill out the application and add your cover letter. There is a rise in job scams so beware!
  2. If you are curious about a different career search in LinkedIn and see what skills, you need to apply. You never know, planning the company holiday party, heading up a project, and reaching out to new candidates at your previous job can translate into Project Management, client coordinator, and Event Planning.
  3. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people you know. If there is someone working in your dream industry don’t be afraid to shoot them a message. Be polite, say hi, mention you’ve been cheering them on from the sidelines, and would love to hear more about their industry. We all love to toot our own horn, and this is the perfect opportunity for them to impart their wisdom.
  4. Take classes, certifications, or go back to school if you have too. There are so many programs online that can teach you marketing, coding, voice acting, and various other skills right now. If you are interested in something there is no harm in reaching out to see if there is an introductory or discounted first class. Many online classes are certified through universities now and offer a free one-hour introductory class or a 50 dollars one.
  5. Research, research, research.
  6. Know that you may take a pay cut now since you are starting in a different industry, but there is always room to negotiate at your one-year review. Document what you have done to add value to the company throughout the year and any courses you took to become an expert.

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Have you been considering a new career path after the pandemic?

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  1. Completely irrelevant but I love that coat!

    These are all fabulous tips and actually really relevant for me right now. I’m considering a change in career while over here in Australia and not quite sure how best to go about it… I’ve bookmarked this to come back to!xx

    1. It 100 percent appreciate the compliment I stalked this coat for almost 8 months before it went on sale 😂!

      I’m glad I could give you a point of reference for later 😊! Good luck in the search beautiful.❤

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