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Honest Beauty Magic Gel-to-Milk cleanser skin care mirror kerielaine

spa day at home in navy and white trimmed top Keri Elaine
Rubbing the product onto dry skin to cleanse any dirt from the day, before adding water.

Happy Friday to you all. I don’t know about you all, but I have been breaking out like crazy. At first I thought it must be what I have been eating, then I realized the only difference in my diet now vs pre-quarantine is I don’t eat out half as much and I haven’t been to Starbucks in 10 weeks. Before I would enjoy meals out all weekend, starting with dinner and happy hour drinks with the girls on Friday to catch up on life. Then I would go explore various parts of Atlanta or the latest exhibition at the High and grab a Schlotskys sandwich. Now I’ve been cooking breakfast lunch and dinner like everyone else. A mixture of hard-boiled egg whites, vegan protein powered in my spinach smoothie. Then a vegan patty from Trader Joe’s or mushroom ravioli.  My snacks have been tomatoes and avocado so my skin should be glowing from the inside out. That’s when I realized my forehead is the only area I’m breaking out in and that (according to Chinese face mapping) is stress. As much as I have been trying to be zen, I find I have a delayed reaction to stress. While all of my friends and family have panicked from the beginning I have been calm. Keeping my scheduling busy with various activities like Zoom workouts with friends, open casting self-tapes, updating my acting sites, making Youtube videos, reading all the articles I have saved but never had time to thumb through.

honest beauty magic gel to milk review
The Honest Beauty Magic Gel-to Milk when you add water.

Instead of ordering my usual cleanser from Sephora I looked through Target’s beauty section. I debated between Honest Beauty and Aveeno. Ultimately I am a sucker for anything rose and liked that this had pink clay Kaolin in it, which is safe for sensitive skin. You can purchase Honest Beauty Magic Gel-to-Milk Cleanser with Pink Kaolin Clay & Rose water here* or at Target. This product is amazing! It has a mild fresh scent, goes on smooth like micellar water/ rose oil. Then when you add water it transforms into a milky consistency. After your skin feels hydrated and cashmere soft. The bumps I had on my forehead were reduced to pretty much nothing after the first use. I was able to literally wipe away my dead skin and break outs with my konjac sponge.


Are there any skincare products you’ve fallen in love with?


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  1. That’s amazing, I’ve been breaking out on my chin so this would be perfect for me. I’ve been loving their blushes so I’ll definitely give this one a go

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