Makeup Tips for Zoom Calls and Self-Tapes

Keri Elaine Makeup Tips for Zoom Calls, Nars, Hourglass

Hello beautiful people!Keri Elaine Makeup Tips for Zoom Calls, Nars, HourglassCaptain’s log day 397 in quarantine. Just kidding. I thought I’d share some makeup tips with you all I know a lot of us have zoom calls now. Personally, I have used Zoom more in the last month than I have in the last 6 months and I thought it would be helpful to share some makeup tips for a look that’s natural yet polished.

Dim lighting
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Box lighting

In the age of the Internet, we often want to look decent around our coworkers even though we’re bound to look better on our Zoom screens than we are under the fluorescent lighting of our usual office setting. As an actor, I have been taking advantage of all the monologue and scene self-tape submissions casting agents have been posting on Actors Access. If you want more information about Actor’s Access you can check on that here. I’ve definitely been enjoying the makeup-free day’s, but the few I need to look more awake I do the following:

Here are some of the products I used when getting ready for my no-makeup makeup look for my self-tape submissions.

Nyx, Estee Lauder and Fenty Beauty

To all my fellow actors out there you know how it is making sure your lighting is good and ready for all of our home self-tape setups. The makeup I used for this is very similar to the makeup I use for my zoom meetings for work as well. Which is usually a great foundation base, a peachy blush, a dark brown pencil to fill in my eyebrows, and brush them out because mine are very thin. Blessed are those who have thick eyebrows! Thank your lucky stars you don’t have to draw yours on :). Then I usually finish the look with a little black liner to define my eyes on the top and mascara on my top and bottom lashes to make my eyes look wide awake and pop. The final touch is a warm pinky nude color lipstick that goes with your own skin tone. This one has a warm undertone like my skin tone if you’re a cool tone I would suggest trying to find a pink with a blue undertone. You can find out if you are warm or cool-toned based on the color of your veins on your wrist. If they are green you are warm toned if they are blue you are cool-toned. Have you had an increase in virtual meetings?

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