Hurricane Irma

Pray for Florida #Irma Palm Beach, Miami, Coral Gables, Gainesville

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Pray for Florida #Irma Palm Beach, Miami, Coral Gables, Gainesville

This week has been insane. With Irma hitting the Caribbean, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina killing all on the same time as September 11th, is absolutely heartbreaking. I am so thankful to say I am safe. My apartment did not suffer any damages and I only lost power for three hours. I have many Facebook friends in Florida who are still without power. Some who are literally sleeping in a friend’s home, because their home flooded. I am a firm believer that when bad things happen it is to make humanity better. There are so many people who finally talked to their neighbors, shared ice with others and offered water bottles. Just the simple things like showing more kindness, instead of just rushing through the day and avoiding eye contact with strangers. I told my friend I am sorry about her family home and that she is a beautiful human being who will be blessed ten times over financially and materialistically. I truly do believe, things can be replaced, but people cannot. I was truly stunned by the flooding in Houston, India, Nepal and Bangladesh. I wish I could do more financially to help in these situations, but can only offer prayer at this point in my life. I will say seeing celebrities, athletes come together for Hand in Hand and Google step it up and donate to help people proves that there are good people out there. Now we just need to focus on making a smaller carbon footprint in the world, in the hopes of minimizing the destruction of these natural disasters.

It has been surreal to see the photos of downtown Miami literally looking like a part of the Atlantic Ocean with no separation of street or sand from the sea. I know eventually the water will recede; people will sweep the sand back onto the beach and begin to rebuild my beloved sunshine state. After all, just like the palm trees that cover South Florida, Floridians bend during times of adversity and pop back up stronger than ever.

Florida I love you and I know you will prove to the world we are not just the home of crazy headlines. <3

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  1. I love this; it’s been so horrific to read about all these Hurricanes hitting the same areas over and over. We’re a Caribbean family, so it’s been heart wrenching to see how many islands have been wrecked. (And also kind of upsetting that we keep getting SO MANY adverts prompting us to donate to the US but we had to actively search for where to donate to the Caribbean; not that the US doesn’t need help but it is a much larger and financially secure than the Caribbean)

    Not to make it political, but it’s truly heartbreaking to see a president who doesn’t believe in climate change and is actively working AGAINST IT at the head of America when America has been so affected 🙁 xx

    1. Wow I didn’t know you were of Caribbean heirtege! I agree with you it has been awful and it’s hard not to feel helpless! I 100 percent agree with you I was disheartened to see there were no signs of where to help the Caribbean islands, P.R. or Cuba. Trust me tons of us are upset about the law reversals regarding climate change (and many other things)! Especially myself, it’s embarrassing to see the president blow off scientific facts, just because he doesn’t understand it.

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