Dragon Con

Atlanta is a fascinating city. Famous for hot summers, peaches, a massive International airport, the World of Coca-Cola, the Civil Rights Movement, and many convention meetings. I have never heard of Dragon Con, but a friend mentioned it to me on Friday. She said it was essentially Halloween on steroids, with everyone in costumes and drinking downtown. So naturally, we gathered a group and headed on down! I did not have a costume, but I will next year! The creativity I witnessed was amazing. I saw tons of Poison Ivy’s, Star Wars characters, Rick and Morty’s, Disney princesses, a Pickle, a guy in a banana hammock with a black a sensor bar (strategically placed) and tons of lingerie.

Dragon Con, Atlanta, two beautiful woman blonde, and brunette in a green keyhole top

Beetle juice and a scared woman at Dragon Con Keri Elaine

The point of Dragon Con (aside from the different lectures and conferences) is to be yourself. This is the one place people can literally dress however they want and run around pretty much naked without being judged. It made me so happy to feel the happy energy of everyone after all the horror and tragedy in the U.S. Most of people I talked to said they plan out their costumes a year in advance and look forward to meeting up with people from across the country this one time every year. I am horrible at coming up with Halloween costumes, but aim to take my time this year coming up with a creative costume for Dragon Con next year!

two beautiful women, blonde and brunette green keyhole top

Stormtrooper on a green keyhole topped girl

Do you have any costume ideas for me? Honestly, I think Wonder Woman was pretty inspiring, even though everyone wants to be her 🙂

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  1. I’m always blown away when I see pictures of people’s costumes from these events! They’re so detailed and you can tell so much hard work goes into them!

    1. Yes! Like Beetlejuice even had a watergallon/backpack with glowing neon blue goo in it. The time that’s goes into making these props, the make up its truly an art! Thanks for stopping by :)!

  2. This sounds so much fun!! I am also rubbish at coming up with costumes – I have a fancy dress party in a few weeks and I’m still none the wiser what to go as haha – hopefully we’ll both figure something out 🙂

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