Five Things I’m Excited About

Five things to get excited about with flowers

Five things to get excited about with flowers
Hey everyone!

1. This week I full-filled one of my childhood dreams and bought a Polaroid camera. I have always wanted one as a kid since one of my best friends had one. In high school, a ton of the Visual-Photography kids would do interesting collages with them. I remember one girl took pictures of a playground at sunset and dusk. She then layered the polaroids in a collage. On the left side, it showed the sunset and progressed into dusk on the right side. I always wanted to make a unique collage like that, but with a favorite place of mine. Well, Michaels had a sale on the cameras so I picked one up!

Pink Polaroid camera from Michael

2. This adorable pineapple patch I found at Michaels! Am I the only one that goes in there for one thing and comes out 80 dollars poorer with five new craft projects to do? Anyway, I figured I could sew it onto a v-neck like you would a logo. Just a little cute whimsical touch.

Pineapple patch

3. This lavender/periwinkle shade. I love it and I am now looking for a nail polish that is a similar color.

Purple flowers

4. I am going on a work trip today-Wednesday to our Corporate office. It is a super conservative area, but I am excited about meeting new people. It will be nice to finally see all the people I have been emailing and talking with on the phone this past year.

5. The cute white layered Parker top I bought on sale from Nordstrom Rack this weekend. (You’ll see it in my what to pack for a work trip post later this week).

Hope you all have an amazing week!

6 thoughts on “Five Things I’m Excited About

  1. How fun! I bought the same polaroid camera (in white) this year and how it works is seriously magic to me! Can’t wait to see what pictures you take with it. Also, buying a patch to iron on white v-necks sounds like the perfect idea! Hope you show that “DIY” in a future blog post!

    Simply Lovebirds

    1. I’m definitely thinking about a DIY post since it would be very fun! 🙂 Glad to hear I’m not the only one excited about the polaroid camera hahaha!

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