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IMG_8253Welcome to Keri Elaine.com. My name is Keri and I am originally from South Florida. After graduation I moved to Los Angeles, CA, then Atlanta, GA. As you can probably tell from my headshot above, I am an aspiring actress and have over ten years of training in various acting techniques. I also enjoy philosophy, technology and biology. I love checking out art shows, theatre, dance, fashion and a good old discussion about important issues facing our world. I have read other blogs for years, but was to chicken to start my own. I finally decided to just give it a shot! This blog is a place to share interesting clothing items I found on sale, movies/tv shows I enjoyed, art shows, dance performances or how to adjust to moving to a new state. I hope my post can make you laugh at least once or realize you are not alone.

Thanks for checking out my site!

Keri Elaine

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